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Case studies

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Our clients by numbers

2 Million
Office 365 licenses successfully negotiated and renewed.
Azure spend negotiated.
EA Renewals we negotiate get additional discounts.
Return on Investment comparing Keystone’s price to the negotiated discounts and benefits.

Government successfully negotiates their $400mill Enterprise Agreement

Client Profile

Government with 200,000 staff.

Business Issues
  • 18 Sub-Agencies each with multiple Microsoft contracts and different ways of managing Office 365
  • Customer needed to centrally negotiate and renew their Enterprise Agreement
Services and Results
  • Customer selected Keystone’s Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint
  • Office 365 and Azure Reporting Tool identified $15million in licensing optimization cost savings
  • Identified $85 million in vendor duplication
  • Identified $10 million in Azure Reserved Instances cost savings
  • New 5 year Enterprise Agreement
  • Negotiated an $80 million price discount
  • Negotiated several $millions in Microsoft Investment Funding for IT projects + Microsoft funded Training Programs
  • >25x ROI on Keystone services

Global Professional Services Firm gets a price reduction for the next 5 years

Client Profile

Professional Services company – Europe HQ and 90,000 staff in 180 locations worldwide.

Business Issues
  • 50 Office 365 tenants all completely independent
  • Multiple different currencies, some with different discounts
Services and Results
  • Customer selected Keystone’s Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint
  • The newly negotiated Enterprise Agreement had a lower price than the expiring agreement (same products & same quantities)
  • $100 million Azure commitment with a discount significantly above benchmarks
  • >25x ROI on Keystones services

New York company finds out they are not using most of E5 and moves back to E3 and saves millions

Client Profile

World-leading electronics manufacturer with global staff in factories, R&D centres and corporate offices.

Business Issues
  • COVID issues with supply chain and cash flow
  • Needed to find cost savings
  • Suspected they were over licensed but didn’t know where
Services and Results
  • Customer selected Keystone’s Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint
  • Office 365 and Azure Reporting Tool recommended a move from E5 to E3
  • 30% reduction in F3 licenses
  • Identified $700k in vendor duplication
  • Negotiated customized payment terms
  • New 5 year Enterprise Agreement

Airline optimizes their Microsoft investment after COVID shut down the business

Client Profile

Globally recognized brand, HQ in Australia.

Business Issues
  • Company transitioned from public to private ownership
  • Recovering from COVID business decline and budget constraints
  • No clear Microsoft technology roadmap
  • Cyber security spread among multiple vendor products
Services and Results
  • Decision was made during the Microsoft EA Renewal to move everything to AWS – for commercial reasons. This was done to offset price increases in the EA. Overall the customer benefited and the IT Department was supportive of the decision
  • Detailed analysis of M365 F3 viability
  • Discounts larger than the benchmark for identity, mobility and security products
  • >25x ROI on Keystone services