Keystone has three Microsoft
negotiation service offerings:

Negotiation Lead

Keystone created the Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint methodology with IP, tools, processes, and lots of experience. We take a lead role including accountability for the outcome. Keystone does the “heavy lifting” with complex Microsoft licensing spreadsheets and commercial analysis. We create and drive the negotiation strategy tailored to meet your specific IT and business needs. The Negotiation Lead role includes Microsoft 365 and Azure cost optimization services.

Advisory Role

Keystone provides independent Microsoft licensing expertise and negotiation strategy. The customer does the project management, information gathering and analysis, and negotiation.

Mid-Deal Assistance

Are you in the middle of the renewal and Microsoft is saying “No” to everything? No problem. We’ll help you successfully navigate out of the deadlock with a proven strategy that will provide the structure needed to get the negotiation momentum back.

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Proven Results

We have achieved some of the largest discounts in the world for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365,
Azure and Unified Support. Keystone has an extensive price
benchmarking database from doing over 200 Microsoft negotiations. We know
what a good discount looks like, and we know how to get there.


Office 365 licenses successfully negotiated and renewed.


Azure spend successfully negotiated.


EA Renewals we negotiate get additional discounts.


Return on Investment comparing Keystone’s price to the negotiated discounts and benefits.

Frequent asked questions

What makes Keystone the “Global leaders” in Microsoft negotiations?

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Consistent success including the largest discounts for Azure and Microsoft 365. We have done a 1 million M365 user negotiation and many between 50,000 and 600,000 users. We’ve done EA renewals with 230 Enrolments. Many of our customers have invited us back to do their next renewal, which is the best proof of credibility. We’re not a Software Asset Management business and we don’t sell licenses…. our core business is Microsoft negotiation advisory.

What size organizations do you work with?

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If you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement we can help. Our projects have included negotiations ranging from $4mill/3years to $980mill/3years.

It looks like you’re based in Sydney. Do you provide services in other countries?

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Yes. We’ve done business in 14 countries. Some of our largest and most successful Microsoft Enterprise Agreement negotiations have been in the USA and Europe.

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