Negotiation Concepts Training Course

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If you are learning negotiation skills for the first time, or you are a career-long sales or procurement professional, knowing the core negotiation concepts will help you do many great deals in the future.

The course is applicable to all industries, including finance, government, manufacturing, transport, mining, education and technology.

In the course, we will share the best parts of the negotiation training provided by Harvard Business School and MIT that would cost USD$25,000 to attend.

The instructor has 25 years’ experience negotiating over 200 deals worth USD$4.5 billion, which means this negotiation course includes very practical and proven negotiation advice.

The course includes 20 modules that you can do at your own pace. Each module includes an important part of negotiation theory plus tools and dealmaking tips.

Your 12 month subscription means you can do the course as many times as you want, in addition to access to white papers and webinars that will be released over time.

Master the negotiation process and do great deals!


AUD$380.00 / year

We have designed the course to provide you with a number of learning outcomes:

To have an understanding of negotiation theory concepts.

To have a list of tips to use and mistakes to avoid.

Become outcomes-focused negotiators who maximise results.

Supplement your existing negotiation skills, not replace them.

If you're a buyer or seller and want to learn how to master the negotiation process and do great deals then this course is for you!

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AUD$380.00 / year