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Keystone helps companies and governments negotiate with Microsoft to produce lower prices and increased value.

We solve complex expensive problems. Renewing Microsoft Enterprise Agreements is our core business.

What we do

Keystone specializes in negotiating Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewals. We bring structure to complex licensing and cloud deals by using our proven "Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint" methodology that includes: licensing templates, pre-built documents, software tools and project plans.

Keystone helps our clients solve expensive problems. Our clients all benefit from cost savings in addition to cloud-based technology consumption planning - as an outcome from using our Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint.

The average ROI on Keystone's services is 25x.

Keystone has several packaged service offerings for organizations that would like help to successfully negotiate and renew their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. These options give customers a choice based on: how much work they want to do in-house, how much experience they already have, how much time they have, the deal complexity, and if they are chasing a licensing price discount or the desire to create value.

Our promise is: you will be very prepared prior to arriving at the bargaining table, you will know what all your options are, you will get the maximum discount possible, and you will look and feel very organized and professional.