Keystone helps companies and governments negotiate with Microsoft to produce lower prices and increased value.

We solve complex expensive problems. Renewing Microsoft Enterprise Agreements is our core business.

What we do

Keystone specializes in negotiating Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewals. We bring structure to complex licensing and cloud deals by using our proven "Microsoft Renewal Blueprint" methodology to create a negotiation strategy focused on maximizing the value, minimizing the price, and building strong strategic partnerships.

Keystone helps our clients solve expensive problems. Our clients all benefit from cost savings in addition to cloud-based technology consumption planning - as an outcome from using the Keystone Renewal Blueprint for Microsoft negotiations.

Every client we have ever worked with and renewed their Microsoft contract is now a reference customer because the value we deliver is at least 10x the price of our services.

Keystone services include:
1. Do It Yourself (DIY) is when organizations purchase the Keystone IP, tools, and project methodology and do the renewal in-house themselves.
2. Done With You (DWY) is based on DIY + Keystone services on a part-time basis providing licensing advice, insights into what's possible, negotiation tactics and developing counter offers.
3. Do It For You (DFW) let Keystone run the project and use our experience to reduce the risks and maximize the value for money.

Our promise is: your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement will be renewed on-time, you will get the maximum discount possible, and you will look very organised and professional.

We offer a FREE 45 minute call where we'll share with you ways to negotiate with Microsoft that will result in minimizing the price. To book a call simply complete the Contact form on this site.

Negotiate from a position of strength.

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