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Microsoft negotiation is our core business.

Organizations that have successfully worked with Keystone range in size from

1,400 to

Microsoft 365 users

and have an Azure spend between

$1mill/yr to

Getting You Back in

Keystone will make sure you are in control of the deal. You will know ALL the options so you can make informed decisions.

Together we develop a negotiation strategy that is going to produce the lowest price and maximum value.

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Proven Results

We have achieved some of the largest discounts in the world for Microsoft 365,
Dynamics 365, Azure and Unified Support. Keystone has an extensive price
benchmarking database from doing over 200 Microsoft negotiations. We know
what a good discount looks like, and we know how to get there.


Office 365 licenses successfully negotiated and renewed.


Azure spend successfully negotiated and renewed.


EA Renewals we negotiate get additional discounts.


Return on Investment comparing Keystone’s price to the negotiated discounts and benefits.

Explore the stories behind success!

Dive into our Case Studies section to discover real-world examples of challenges overcome, innovations unleashed, and goals achieved.

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What our clients say

Keystone’s support during our Microsoft EA negotiation was pivotal. Their insights into Microsoft licensing were eye-opening, their strategies for cost optimization in Microsoft 365 and Azure were forward-thinking, and their structured negotiation methodology was a breath of fresh air. With Keystone’s assistance, we secured a deal that not only supports our IT operations but also fosters our company’s growth.

SAAS Company IT Operations Manager

Keystone’s expertise was a cornerstone of our successful Microsoft EA negotiation. Their nuanced understanding of Microsoft licensing, their tailored cost optimization strategies for Microsoft 365 and Azure, and their systematic negotiation methodology were crucial. Keystone’s customized approach to our public sector requirements led to an advantageous and transparent agreement.

Public Sector Chief Procurement Officer

Keystone Negotiation’s expertise shone brightly during our Microsoft EA negotiation. Their adeptness at navigating the complexities of Microsoft licensing and their strategic cost optimization for Microsoft 365 and Azure were crucial. Most impressively, they adeptly addressed ‘vendor lock-in’ risks, ensuring our autonomy and leverage. Their negotiation methodology is unparalleled, securing us favorable terms that were beyond our initial projections.

Financial Services CIO

Keystone’s involvement in our Microsoft EA negotiation was transformative. Their granular knowledge of Microsoft licensing and their innovative cost-saving measures for Microsoft 365 and Azure translated into significant financial benefits for us. Their methodical negotiation process was comprehensive and aligned seamlessly with our manufacturing goals, delivering a stellar outcome, including a very large Azure discount that will greatly benefit our bottom line.

Manufacturing CIO

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