In the world of gaming, casinos may view an advantaged player with caution. While leveraging skills and knowledge isn't illegal, it can lead to restrictions. Similarly, in the tech landscape, a savvy Microsoft customer who maximizes their strategy can be seen as 'advantaged.'

What defines an advantaged Microsoft customer?

  • Embracing a Multi-Cloud strategy, including services like AWS, GCP, and OCI, with M365+Azure accounting for less than half of the total cloud expenditure, ideally around 35%.
  • Integrating multiple security vendors, such as Mimecast, Duo, Octa, Crowd Strike, and Cisco, to ensure robust protection and commercial leverage.
  • Utilizing a single optimization tool for M365 and Azure to eliminate unused licenses and reduce wastage, challenging the norm of over-licensing.
  • Securing substantial Azure discounts without being tied to a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).

Strong negotiation leverage with Microsoft includes a Multi Cloud strategy.

  • Conducting rigorous IT Infrastructure and SAM diligence to avoid unnecessary spend on Extended Security Updates and On-premise True Up's.
  • Recognizing the value proposition and seeking cost-effective alternatives to Unified Support.
  • Simplifying the complexity of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform licensing, ensuring alignment with actual usage.
  • Developing a tailored negotiation strategy through meticulous preparation and a proven methodology, often crafted by experts with insider experience.

At Keystone, we pride ourselves on creating advantaged customers. Our approach is akin to a winning streak at the 'Redmond casino,' where strategic insight and preparation pay off.