Working Together

Proactive Services – creating a Negotiation Strategy at the start of the deal to ensure there is a project plan and milestones, clarity on objectives, documenting the options, identifying all the stakeholders and their interests, risks and contingencies, and alternatives to doing a deal. This is all based on an underlying methodology.

Reactive Services – engaging Keystone in the middle or towards the end of the deal, when the process has become protracted or you have reached an impasse. This may involve re-framing the approach, modifying the variables, reviewing the cost modelling, looking at trades and concessions, or creating new options.


How you choose to work with Keystone is up to you. Traditionally we have three ways of representing our client’s interests:

Behind the scenes
1. Do It Yourself (DIY) Keystone provides you with IP, tools and guidance such that you can go and do the Microsoft EA renewal yourself.
Sitting side-by-side at the negotiation table
2. Do It With You (DWY): Keystone works part-time using our proven IP and tools. Lots of work is done remotely. You manage the project. You and Keystone negotiate together with Microsoft.
Taking the lead on your behalf during the negotiation
3. Do It For You (DFY): Keystone takes a lead role in the negotiation. We manage the project, represent you at the bargaining table and use our experience to reduce risks and do a great deal.

We are very good at fixing one problem: negotiating with Microsoft when they already have your data in their cloud.


Negotiate from a position of strength.

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