Mark Kenny

mark kenny

Founder and Company Director

As a former IT executive with 25 years experience in sales and sales leadership roles, Mark’s key motivation for founding Keystone was to stop companies overspending on technology and telecom purchases, and maximise the effectiveness of IT Sourcing as a strategic discipline.

Mark’s career with Microsoft spanned 13 years, culminating as National Sales Manager for Office 365 and before that National Sales Manager for Software Licensing. This vast experience in cloud-computing assists clients in aligning consumption and value realisation to the price, and avoids vendors ‘contract dictating’ the cloud migration plans. Likewise Mark’s detailed background knowledge of software licensing is used in creating the commercial negotiation strategy.

During his time at Microsoft, Mark created the Deal Coaching methodology that was used to train sales people on how to renew software licensing contracts on-time and on-budget. This resulted in negotiating over 200 contracts with the lowest average discounts in the company worldwide. This sales process was subsequently rolled out throughout Asia and the USA.

Prior to joining Microsoft Mark gained valuable experience in selling Cisco, Hewlett Packard, IBM, EMC, and Oracle. The valuable insights gained from this period are shared with clients so that deals can be structured that minimise price and create lasting value. Mark has a degree from Queensland University of Technology in Business (Computing), has completed the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School in Strategic Negotiation, and studied Negotiation and Influence at the MIT Sloan School of Management.



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