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Office 365 License Optimization

Office 365 licensing is often one of the largest expenses in the IT budget. Having access to a real-time Office 365 Licensing Optimization information allows you to:
a. Monitor your environment during the 3 year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and be able to see Office 365 license wastage and underutilization, and make adjustments to minimize your recurring payments; and
b. The tool is also a valuable part of the Enterprise Agreement renewal negotiation process by having powerful insights into granular real-time usage and determine how much value you are getting from your current investment.

The information below shows how utilized your licenses are in the last 30 days. Looking at this data, would you be interested to know why 12% of your staff aren’t using expensive Office licenses? Or why 15% of your users have a paid MFA Premium license assigned to them but haven’t used it in the last 30 days?

The tool provides a range of licensing utilization data including how many of your staff have logged-in to Office 365 compared to how many Office 365 licenses you are paying for. Below we can see 6,671 paid and active licenses, and 498 paid licenses that haven’t been use in >180 days. We can drill-down and see who the users are and get more detailed information. Very helpful insights when going into a negotiation.

Please contact us for more information on the Office 365 License Optimization Tool.