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Office 365 and Azure License Optimization

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If you are an existing Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Azure customer, you are almost certainly over-licensed and are over paying. Microsoft will not proactively tell you if you are paying for licenses that you’re not using, and they are not going show you how to rightsize your licensing spend. Why would they?

Microsoft licensing is complex. Even getting Microsoft 365 and Azure license optimization insights is not easy, and then knowing how and when to make licensing adjustments involves detailed licensing program knowledge and a technical understanding of cloud licensing assignments.

Worst of all is arriving at the negotiation table for your Enterprise Agreement renewal and not knowing the current state of license utilization means you can’t negotiate based on usage, value or ROI.

On average


of Microsoft customers are over-licensed and do their EA Renewal without having detailed usage information needed to achieve lower prices.

Our expertise

Keystone uses the Office 365 and Azure Reporting Tool to produce granular licensing utilization data for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure. There are no time-consuming manual processes, it is all automated and online. We have analysed millions of Office 365 licenses and several billion dollars of Azure spend, and have found significant cost savings for every customer that we have worked with.

Using the Office 365 and Azure Reporting Tool allows the Microsoft customer to take control of their Enterprise Agreement renewal negotiation because you have the insights to make informed decision and take a data-driven approach to product selection, user quantities, and asking for discounts that relate to actual usage and not someone’s opinion or a guess.

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