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Advisory Services

Microsoft Contract Renewal Negotiation Services

Keystone are experts in negotiating with Microsoft with proven results in working with Governments and Businesses. Since 2017 we have renewed 800,000 Office 365 user licenses and over $500million of Azure spend.

Keystone Services

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Online Training

Develop in-house negotiation skills

Negotiation is one of the most important skills in business as it has a direct impact on the bottom line. Keystone’s training develops core negotiation skills in-house for sustained behavioral change and organizational benefit. The self-paced 20 module online negotiation course creates outcomes-focused negotiators who maximize results. You can buy this course directly on this site and we include it in all of our Microsoft EA Renewal projects.


Office 365 License Optimization

Having the right tools is directly related to what the final deal looks like

Office 365 license suites are big and complex. Often this means Microsoft are selling bundles of products that can sometimes result in you being over-licensed and this results in shelfware. Having the insights and data to understand the current-state of your Office 365 license utilization means you can see wastage, remediate and produce savings through rightsizing, and arrive at your next renewal negotiation with detailed objective data on Office 365 license usage. Keystone’s Office 365 Reporting Tool provides secure online BI driven licensing analysis, putting you into a position to have a fact based and data driven price discussion with Microsoft.


Microsoft Renewal Negotiation

How to run the Enterprise Agreement renewal

Keystone has developed a project methodology that includes IP and tools that form the Microsoft Negotiation Blueprint. This proven process brings structure to the deal, customized project management, risks analysis, designing licensing options, creating value, price modelling, and negotiation tactics at the bargaining table. Keystone has services offerings ranging from part-time involvement through to completely running the project.


EA Lifecycle Value Maximization

How to proactively manage the contract term to drive ROI

Moving to the cloud means how you negotiate renewals is changing. Successfully negotiating a renewal is one thing, but all of that time and effort can be wasted if you don’t have a multi-year roadmap and toolset to help your organization maximize the value the ROI during the new contract. Having a framework to help plan and manage what you do in the new contract will also determine your negotiation ability at the next renewal. Keystone has an Enterprise Agreement (EA) Lifecycle Value Maximization service that provides a programmatic approach to driving value including when and how to engage Microsoft during your next Enterprise Agreement.