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We help to bring structure to complex deals by working together and using a proven methodology to create a negotiation strategy focused on pricing and contract terms, with the goal being to maximise value and build strong partnerships.

Keystone Services


Capability Building

Develop in-house negotiation skills

Negotiation is one of the most important skills in business as it has a direct impact on the bottom line. Keystone’s training develops core negotiation skills in-house for sustained behavioural change and organisational benefit. The course creates outcomes-focused negotiators who maximise results.


Deal planning

Negotiation Preparation Phase

The preparation phase, using a proven negotiation methodology to bring structure to the deal, designing options, creating value, price modelling, getting support from internal stakeholders, creating a project plan and communications plan, identifying risks to the deal.


Commercial Negotiation

At the bargaining table

Claiming value at the bargaining table, effective use of tactics and counter tactics, managing commoditization and concession pressure, closing the deal.


Mid Term Contract Review

Checking the value being realised

Check-in on value realisation, SLA attainment, contract liability and non-performance penalties, refocusing of investment, renegotiation.

Negotiate from a position of strength.

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